Ways to receive funds from international countries.

PayPal is the most popular online payment service to send and receive money. It’s a pity that Nigeria is among those countries that cannot receive funds into their PayPal account.

Best PayPal Alternatives For Wordpress Freelancers

This restriction has brought worries to many Nigerian webmasters and online entrepreneurs. In fact, this is the major reason why some Nigerians find it hard to start their own online businesses.

PayPal is known for blocking accounts. That means you can’t receive payments or access your funds until they decide to unblock you. The lack of cash-flow could leave you vulnerable, so best PayPal alternatives are important.

Paypal is best for smaller amounts. The fees you pay for PayPal is high, especially on larger transactions. Other payment providers may charge lower fees, so you would want to keep costs low and this means that you gain more profit.

PayPal’s international fees are really (really) high. If you dig into PayPal’s fees, you’ll see they charge a big premium for accepting international payments. Combine this with less than ideal exchange rates, and you’ll pay a hefty overhead for any international business.

Here are some best PayPal alternatives:

  1. GTPay
  2. Interswitch Webpay

and 11 best PayPal alternatives provided by TechSpunk.com

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What is NBA Live Mobile?

NBA Live Mobile which was recently launched for both iOS and Android mobile platforms is a free-to-play basketball game by EA Sports similar to older titles with the similar name. Since its release a few days ago, NBA Live Mobile has risen to one of the most installed games on both iOS and Android platforms.


In NBA Live Mobile, players can build their teams by handpicking their own players whilst dominating opponents in a 5-on-5 game. NBA Live Mobile also offers a real basketball gaming experience as the game could be connected to NBA in live events all throughout the year.

NBA Live Mobile offers players a chance to become a General Manager of a basketball team where you have full control of your team, deciding who to sign, player roster and manage real-life basketball superstars among other things.

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